Controllable Destiny


For a group or a race to love the absence of truth as culture, they must have been trained or conditioned to concentrate on a narrow task. Taking time to see both sides of every story will be foreign to majority of them naturally. What a controllable destiny? Since extending oneself to another enable you to create another person in your image, either positive or negative, expecting another group or race to address what was deliberately ignored by another group or race, its limiting existence of god in human being to nothingness. An open declaration of not realizing that thought created history as history is in thought. To breed generations of considered educated people, who know how to point out their problems, cannot think together but expect others to seek solutions to their problems, this should be considered a curse. Now, introduced world of gender equality with special treatment is lived differently by group or race, for family dislocation from individual fulfillment of occasional concern lifestyle, full of pain inside with happy faces everywhere. For oneness to be achieved in any community or society, the word “radical” must be associated with positive connotation, where people will start to think it’s all about seeking answers to ignored questions humanly.