President Trump. The Realist on Modern Civilization Malady (Gbite Martins Book 74010223)


Based on changes the world economy is taken shape, to think of relieving United States of America the burden placed upon her by people who don’t believe they have the ability to create their environment to their taste, should be seen in President Trump’s approach which is bound to change world culture. Where the chips are going to fall will be dictated by people who know where they want to go in future. Understanding the culture of claiming perfection psychologically and not working together to bring back industries stays afloat the sea of China, in the wake of mass productions for steady consumption.
Beautifully crafted issues that should have been addressed must have been ignored for the President to demonstrate his way of using people, mostly whites to gain access to leadership position. This is per his expose in an interview about fifteen years ago on a black woman’s TV show (Oprah Winfrey) whereby he expressed his ability to win uninformed people if he decides to run for Presidency. For President Trump to point out that Black Americans don’t have anything to lose, picked on Nigerians, who were mostly southerners and the largest population of Africans outside the continent, declaring they’re hiding around the world under pretense of education. There is no better way of provoking response by bringing out the best in people than to be factual, waking them up to see they have jobs to do which they’re running away from in their country. If this can be seen as indirect way of pointing out where the power of Black race should take its source, demonstrating a clear understanding of what they’ve been through if they can think it as a race.

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